$299.00 USD

Property Owners Appointment Form

This is the initial 9 page document Julie George used to sign up property owners and take on the management of their property. Julie discovered that you need to set the expectations early and get on the same page with your property owner and she did so successfully with this document! If there is one document that is ESSENTIAL in Airbnb Property Management (and which will give you a detailed understanding of how Julie set up her business) is it this one!

This form clearly states all the tricky logistics of management including:

  • How their property will be managed including exactly what is covered with a 'guest clean' and when the home needs a 'Spring Clean'.
  • How the Commission Breakdown works with Airbnb.
  • What the Property Owner should provide in each room of the Airbnb property and utilities such as Wifi provision.
  • What consumables you will provide as the Manager (shampoo, tea, coffee, etc)!
  • What preparation needs to be completed on the property before guests arrive.
  • What will happen with Gardens / Pools / Outdoor areas of the Property during management.
  • What if guests have pets? Is the property suitable for animals? And what if they make a mess?
  • What happens if there are replacement items needed (such as pillows / kitchen appliances).
  • What procedures will be required for Personal Use of the property.
  • How and when will the property owner get paid.
  • What contingencies are in place for future cancellations of bookings should the home owner take back the property from your management.
  • Insurance coverage, Smoke Alarms and Pool Fencing considerations.

And the good news is it is in WORD Format so that you can manipulate it and include your own personal touch on it to use in your own business!!