$850.00 USD

Bundle Package


This is the ULTIMATE Package of Templates and Contracts to kickstart or level up your Short Term Rental Business and includes -

  • Property Owners Appointment Form for AIRBNB/STR Property Managers (Including Terms and Conditions) worth $289

This is the initial 9 page document Julie George used to sign up property owners and take on the management of their property. Julie discovered that you need to set the expectations early and get on the same page with your property owner and she did so successfully with this document! If there is one document that is ESSENTIAL in Airbnb Property Management (and which will give you a detailed understanding of how Julie set up her business) is it this one!

  • Independent Contractor Service Agreement and position description worth $259

HIRING??? Do you need help with your business and want to hire contractors to assist you?
This is the document that was used by Julie George to engage Contractors in her Airbnb business

  • Host Training Manual (Including Timesheet / Recipient Created Tax Invoice Template) worth $240

This is the document you need to train your newest addition to your team! This is the exact training that Julie gave her team of Co-Hosts in her very successful Airbnb Property Management Business. This 16-page document in Word format (so that you can change information to suit yourself, add in your logo and personalise the document)

  • Property Manager Terms & Contract worth $220

This is the document that was used by Julie George to engage Property Managers in her Airbnb business

  • Organizational Chart, Roles and Responsibilities worth $110

This is an Organizational Chart replicating the Airbnb Property Management business Julie George operated with a portfolio of 130 properties and the exact structure that allowed her to WORK ON THE BUSINESS NOT IN IT!! She was averaging 10 hours per week by having this team in place!

  • Appraisal #1

Used when a property is for sale and is intended to be read by potential buyers of the home. Work in with you favorite local Realtor and help them ‘sell’ their properties by providing this awesome Sales Tool. It will be a win/win when the property sells and the new home owner uses your management services!

  • Appraisal #2

Used when a property owner approaches you asking for an Appraisal of their property. Conduct a physical inspection of the property to determine if it is suitable for short term rentals, return to your computer and after doing your research on Airdna or STR Insights you can put together this document to present to the home owner.

  • Appraisal #3

Used in a situation where one of your properties that you currently manage is being put up for sale by the owner… and of course you do not want to loose that management! Show potential investors just how profitable and well managed the property is with this Sales Tool. The Realtor selling the home will absolutely love your assistance in promoting the property.