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Property Appraisal Templates

Preparing a Property Market Appraisal for potential clients on a property that you have identified as one that you would like to manage is part of a Sales Strategy that assisted in Julie achieving a portfolio of 130 properties in a 2.5 year period. Purchase these three different appraisal templates that allow for you to identify property potential, allow for comparisons with other successful short term rentals and convey your opinion on the nightly rate that can be achieved. Of course the last paragraph on these documents encourage a ‘Call to Action’ to invite potential new clients to use your own professional management services.

Appraisal #1 is used when a property is for sale and is intended to be read by potential buyers of the home. Work in with you favorite local Realtor and help them ‘sell’ their properties by providing this awesome Sales Tool. It will be a win/win when the property sells and the new home owner uses your management services!

Appraisal #2 is used when a property owner approaches you asking for an Appraisal of their property. Conduct a physical inspection of the property to determine if it is suitable for short term rentals, return to your computer and after doing your research on Airdna or STR Insights you can put together this document to present to the home owner.

Appraisal #3 is used in a situation where one of your properties that you currently manage is being put up for sale by the owner… and of course you do not want to loose that management! Show potential investors just how profitable and well managed the property is with this Sales Tool. The Realtor selling the home will absolutely love your assistance in promoting the property.