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We highly recommend that this document is purchased along with the Onboarding Package Templates.  Price - $299

Onboarding Package Templates

Taking on a NEW property to manage can be a daunting and overwhelming task…. But also a very exciting and rewarding opportunity.  Property Managers need to have clear processes and paperwork in place in order for this transition to take place.  This will also be the time to get the boundaries and expectations with property owners to prevent Micro Management and interference in the future…. The one element of property management which really can turn potential entrepreneurs away from this business structure.

This Onboarding Package contains the following documents which are essential to any short term rental property manager –

  1. NEW PROPERTY ONBOARDING PROCESS - This is the step-by-step guide a Property Manager needs to follow from the time a new property is identified and initial contact has been made with the property owner, right through to the first guest arriving to stay at the home. This 6 page document contains valuable information including  -
  • Arranging the initial physical property inspection
  • Appraisal and documentation to use
  • Follow up with a lead that has gone cold
  • Logistic and what paperwork is required to sign up a new property
  • Handover of the actual property
  • Onboarding checklist, inventory and entry condition inspection
  • Reporting and compiling a shopping list for the owner
  • Connecting utilities
  • Assigning a team member to the property
  • Photoshoot & floorplan
  • Creating the listing
  • Uploading the listing to software
  • Preparing and welcoming your first guest
  1. ONBOARDING CHECKLIST (APPLIANCE & LINEN INVENTORY) This Template is one that is designed to be customised and used for every individual property your take on in your portfolio. It will record the unique details of the property, appliances, utilities, linen and it has a suggested list of essential homewares needed to have a property guest ready. From this document you will be able to create a shopping / task list that you will need completed before listing the home.
  2. NEW PROPERTY FURNISHING GUIDE & TEMPLATEIf you are asked to furnish a property for a property owner you may find that this Template is one that you can customise and complete when presenting a proposal to the client.

*These documents are all created in Word so that they can be easy customized and adjusted to suit your own business.

**It is
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you purchase the Property Owners Appointment Form available on this website in addition to these documents.