Professional Guide to Creating an Airbnb Cleaning Contract: A Free Template Provided by Million Dollar Host

Jun 13, 2023

The adage, "First impressions last," holds water, especially regarding the cleanliness of your Airbnb rental. As such, it is prudent for any host or property manager to outsource cleaning services. The need for an Airbnb cleaning contract is vital when navigating these waters, especially for those handling multiple rental properties.

This guide will provide insights into the components of an Airbnb cleaning service agreement and how to avoid common pitfalls. Numerous cleaning services specialize in Airbnb rentals; however, patience and diligence are crucial to finding the perfect fit for your property. An Airbnb cleaning contract solidifies your agreement with your chosen service, ensuring smooth operations.

We have also provided an easy-to-use, free Airbnb cleaning contract template for instant download. Fill in the required information and adapt it to your business needs.

What is an Airbnb Cleaning Contract?

An Airbnb cleaning contract is a legal document between an Airbnb host or property manager and a cleaner or cleaning service provider. It delineates the specifics of their working relationship, including the cleaning company's duties and the property owner's responsibilities, such as guaranteeing secure access for cleaners during the contract's duration.

Why Do Hosts Need Airbnb Cleaning Contracts?

Airbnb cleaning contracts serve to explicitly define expectations from each party, thereby avoiding potential misunderstandings down the line. The more detailed the contract, the better the protection it provides to the host in case of property damage or delay.

Simultaneously, these contracts protect the cleaners if hosts fail to uphold their end of the deal, such as late payments. Thus, these contracts streamline dispute resolution, even if prior relationships or friendships exist between the parties involved.

What are the Advantages of an Airbnb Cleaning Contract?

Should there be any lingering doubt about the necessity of a cleaning contract, let's examine the distinct benefits.

Resolving Disputes

Disagreements are an inevitable part of life. However, having clear expectations outlined in a service agreement reduces their likelihood. Unlike verbal or email agreements, a written document serves as a tangible record of the parties' agreement, making dispute resolution easier and potentially saving legal costs.

Enhanced Communication

A detailed contract leaves little room for misinterpretation or confusion. It ensures that all parties remain aligned at all times and provides a clear record of expectations for everyone involved.

Professional Relationship

Introducing a contract when engaging in a new cleaning service establishes a professional relationship. This approach communicates the expected professional cleaning standards. Any hesitation from a company to sign a contract should prompt you to reconsider your options.

What Should You Include in a Vacation Rental Cleaning Contract?

Although standard cleaning service contracts are not ubiquitous in the vacation rental sector, there are common elements to include when drafting your own.

  1. Details of Both Parties: These include the full names, physical addresses, and contact details of the property owner and the Airbnb cleaning service provider.
  2. Property Information: The contract must include the location and address of the Airbnb property or properties involved.
  3. Purpose of the Contract: The contract should precisely define the services the cleaning business is being hired to perform.
  4. Contract Duration: This involves specifying the duration of the contract and the conditions under which either party can terminate it.
  5. Cleaning Service Provider's Duties: This part of the contract should contain a detailed list of cleaning duties.
  6. Owner's Responsibilities: The contract should also stipulate the duties of the property owner, such as providing safe access to the property during cleaning periods.
  7. Governing Law: The contract should specify the applicable state law for the contract.
  8. Payment Terms: The agreed payment terms for the cleaning service should also be outlined in the contract.
  9. Force Majeure: This clause provides indemnity to either party from any contractual breach or damages resulting from unforeseen circumstances.
  10. Signature and Witnesses: Finally, the contract must be signed and dated by both parties to be legally binding.

Download our Airbnb Cleaning Contract Template

With this knowledge, you're ready to draft your cleaning service agreement. You can start by downloading our free Airbnb cleaning contract template to make things easier.

It's always prudent to consult a legal professional to review the final agreement. This ensures its comprehensiveness and legality, safeguarding your business interests.

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