Professional Property Management through Airbnb Co-hosting

Aug 07, 2023
Professional Property Management through Airbnb Co-hosting

Earning Income through Airbnb Co-hosting

Are you exploring options for additional income streams that would fit effortlessly into your current busy lifestyle? Airbnb co-hosting might be the ideal opportunity for you. Co-hosting, the official term for Airbnb property management, presents an efficient way to earn substantial income without renting out your property. This approach is low-risk, doesn't require significant investment, and, most importantly, offers a generous return on your time investment.

This is distinct from Airbnb arbitrage, a practice where you rent a property in the conventional sense and subsequently list them on Airbnb as a short-term rental. As a co-host, your role is to alleviate many burdens that traditional Airbnb hosts contend with.

Understanding Airbnb Co-hosting

In the autumn of 2016, Airbnb introduced its co-hosting program, specifically designed to assist individuals who have available space but lack time to host. Co-hosts sign up to aid others with their listings, and hosts can locate a co-host in their local area.

Co-hosting comes with a lot of flexibility, allowing you to choose the services you wish to provide, such as:

  • Managing reservations via the Airbnb platform
  • Engaging and communicating with guests
  • Checking in guests upon their arrival
  • Updating the listing calendar
  • Coordinating cleaning and other services for listed properties and more.

The co-hosting program was surprising for many, as Airbnb previously discouraged listings managed by non-owners or property management companies. However, once Airbnb realized the potential profitability of property management, it began promoting this practice through the co-hosting program.

Getting Started with Airbnb Co-hosting

The process of becoming a co-host is quite straightforward. After creating a property listing, the owner can add the "Airbnb Co-host" option from the settings menu. As a co-host, you can manage and organize the listing. Payments are automated via the platform, so you don't need to worry about receiving payment from the property owners.

Succeeding in Airbnb Co-hosting

The co-hosting sector is competitive due to its lucrative nature, so ensuring you are an attractive option for property owners is essential. Factors that can enhance your success include hosting experience, achieving and maintaining Superhost status, building trust, and offering competitive rates. Even the most seasoned co-hosts are only selected about 20% of the time, so persistence is key.

There isn't an official Airbnb directory for co-hosts, so it's beneficial to devise a business plan to strategize how you will run your co-hosting business. This could include deciding whether to focus on local properties and the level of service you plan to provide.

Making informed financial decisions, such as understanding the time investment required to set appropriate rates, is also critical. For example, some hosts might only require someone to manage their listing and answer guest emails, while others may require a full takeover of their listing management. Understanding your potential contributions and the host's requirements will enable you to offer accurate pricing options.

For property owners, it's essential to define what they are looking for in a co-host. If the goal is to generate passive income with minimal time investment, selecting the right co-host becomes even more critical.

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